Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Angry Sith and a Lying Boss

This is not good.  Yesterday, Darth Sidious insisted that I take the XL319 (our new vacuum cleaner.  Read about it here) out for a test drive.  He told me to try it out on Darth Vader's room.  Darth Vader's room never gets vacuumed because he likes about an inch of grime.  He said it aids his dark side image.  The real reason is because if the room ever needs to get vacuumed, he would have to clean up his room like Darth Sidious is always telling him to do.  Well, yesterday was no exception.  Darth Vader's room was as messy as ever.  But since I had my orders, I vacuumed anyway.  I think I already said that the XL319 has a V6 engine?  Well, this made it impossible to steer and now half of Darth Vader's football trophies have mysteriously disappeared along with his his Polly Pocket collection.  (That must be worth millions.)  Naturally, Darth Sidious claims he had nothing to do with this and I am in hot water.  Darth Vader's choking glove is thankfully not working now (it needs new batteries.)  So until he can take a trip to Watto Mart, I have to think up a way out of this mess.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The XL319

A new vacuum cleaner!  That is the latest addition to the Death Star's tool closet.  This is a super powered XL319 with headlights and a V6 engine.  Yeah.  It's that powerful.  I can't wait till it gets here.  That will cut the vacuuming time for our Storm Trooper chores in half!  The only negative was that it cost an arm and a leg to ship...