Thursday, May 26, 2011

Addictive Games

Remember I told you that Darth Sidious bought wi-fi for the death star?  Well, we have been having some issues with it.  Darth Vader found out that since wi-fi is so much faster than dial-up, he can play Moisture Farmville on Maskbook.  He is...ah, severely addicted.  There are certain things on that game that you can only buy with scrips.  The result is that Darth Sidious's credit card is maxed out.  After he sent Darth Vader to the corner, he was on the RAMPAGE and nothing we could do would please him.  I couldn't wash enough dishes to make him happy!
On the plus side, Darth Vader's moisture farm is really up and running!  He's got the biggest one on Maskbook!

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