Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hello all.  I have decided to start a blog since Darth Sidious finally broke down and paid for wi-fi on the death star.  Yes, he's cheap, but after a long petition, we finally got him to order it online (which was kinda difficult since we only had dial up.)  Now I can play computer games online and chat with my Storm Trooper friends on Maskbook.
Yes.  Life is good.
I guess I should give a little background.  I'm part of the Guard Squadron.  This is the group of storm troopers that make sure that everything is not being attacked by Rebels (really.)  We also wash windows and clean Darth Sidious's bathroom, but when he's not looking we just lounge around.  Actually, I got into trouble for lounging around last week.  I was talking with Storm Trooper 322 and I leaned on the least, I thought it was the wall.  It turned out to be the button that fires the big laser gun that we have mounted on the death star.  You know, the one that can blow up a whole planet? um, blasted a ship with a cargo of dish washers that were going to replace our old ones.  So Darth Sidious has put me in charge of KP until some new dishwashers get here.  Actually, I have some dishes to do...I'll talk to you guys later.

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