Saturday, May 28, 2011

Start Building Those Snowshoes!

This is good.  Darth Sidious is in a better mood today since he has been spending some quality time in his evil lair.  After 23.5 hours in there, he came up with what he calls a "brilliant plan of the greatest mastermind."
He held a briefing for all the storm troopers in the death star.  Under the leadership of Grand Moff Tarkin, we are to attack and take over the rebel base on Hoth.  This is quite an undertaking because we have to build snowshoes for our AT-AT's before we go and goodness knows that's a job!  Also, the rebels always manage to hold us off when there at Hoth.
Some may wonder why we attack Hoth instead of some easier planet.  The reason is that Darth Sidious has been having hankerings for snowcones lately and everyone in the galaxy knows the best snowcones come from Hoth!  If he takes it over, we can eat our fill!  Also, Darth Sidious will be in a better mood once he controls it.  Right now, the rebel scum (okay okay, I didn't come up with that phrase) has exclusive access to Hoth and is probably getting fat on those snowcones.  Anyways, this looks like it will be worthwhile!

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