Thursday, June 2, 2011

Custom Crash Job

Guess what!  Firmus Piett (you know, one of the many admirals on the death star) has just bought a sports ship.  That thing is so fast!  It cost a lot of money, but it's got a custom paint job, nice rims, and he washes it every week.  Darth Sidious isn't too hot on it, though.  It's not because it's nice and Darth Sidious only has a rinky dinky smart ship, but rather because Piett is not the best driver in the galaxy.  This morning, our daily donut truck was coming at it's usual 7 AM time to drop off donuts.  Firmus was having a joy ride early in the morning.  He whipped around one side of the death star and spun around another.  He didn't see the donut ship until it was too late.  Yeah.  Donut's everywhere.  I remember distinctly Darth Vader looking on with a forlorn face as his favorite cream filled one floated away into space.  Ahhhh...the drama.  But now, we aren't too mad at Firmus.  His custom paint job is...well, let's just say it's unique to his ship now!

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