Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Plan

Operation Crash Birthday party is underway!  We just got a call from the Organa family, putting through an order for a large birthday cake that will need to be delivered tomorrow.  Darth Sidious said that he would be here to oversee the operation, but he has a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  (Sure...)  Anyway, the idea is, we deliver the cake, then we hang out outside of the house.  As soon as we hear people start yelling that they don't know what's wrong and that Bail Organa could use some cold water on his face, we put a ladder that we conveniently find laying around the yard somewhere, put that up to his bedroom window, climb through, and then hide in various places in the room.  Hopefully, someone will put him there to sleep off the knock out pills.  We will then cart him out the window and into our spaceship which will be camouflaged in the trees nearby.  I guess it seems like a good plan, but why am I getting nervous?  Maybe it's because the dark side always has a way of bungling things...

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