Saturday, June 25, 2011


Well, we tried Operation Crash Birthday party (read some background info here.)  As you might have guessed from the title, it was a failure.  First of all, instead of climbing into Bail Organa's bedroom, we accidentally climbed into the room that houses the Organas' indoor pool.  A couple of our number bellyflopped into the pool and the rest of us looked at our map and tried to figure out where Bail Organa's bedroom was.  We sneaked out into the hall and turned left and went into that room.  Apparently, that was the wrong direction.  We heard someone coming and we closed the door.  What we had thought was Bail's bedroom turned out to be the smallest broom closet in the world...made even smaller by the large amount of storm troopers occupying it.  I think I stepped into a bucket of mop water because my boot was squishy the rest of the day.  After the footsteps went down the hall, we burst into the hall and went the other direction.  This room turned out to be an upstairs kitchen.  The chef, being very surprised to see us, threw pots and pans at us, poured a 6 gallon pot of soup down the armor of some of our men, and I think someone got leftover banana cream pie in his face.  We never did find Bail Organa's room, but if you ask me, the Organas' chef, not Bail Organa, is the real threat to the empire!

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